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SMS Texting Using Your Virtual Phone Number

Give your customers and prospects an easy way to reach you using SMS Text.

Chat from an office computer to your customerNow available with most of our virtual phone numbers is SMS Texting. Now you can have a live chat with customers and prospects using your voice phone number just like your cell phone. Engage your customer in a new way with more flexibility than traditional cell phone texting. Have chats with several clients at the same time all from your desktop. Chats can be switched to multiple devices so you can be on the go with your chat. Or one person can log off and another log on for support technician chat.

  • IT Support Chat
  • Real Estate Phone System Chat
  • Property Management Tenant/Prospect Chat
  • Staff chat

How does it work?
We will setup your virtual office number to send and receive SMS Text messages. You would download a software app to the devices you would like to chat on. There are several free apps, one that we use in the office is Trillian. Then configure that software with the information to chat and you're chatting.

Put your number on real estate signs with "Call or Text to..." your virtual number. Give to your customers as a support voice or text to number. Use for internal staff chat.

NOTE: Our SMS Texting is A2P/10DLC Compliant. Your business number will be registered upon activation with our service.

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