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Your Caller Leaves an Urgent Message, What Happens Then?Plumbing Leak Urgent Voice Message

When your caller leaves a message, they may have the option to tag it as urgent. How do you want to be notified that you have an urgent message?

I'm sure that most of the voice mail messages you receive are not urgent. For those you may have a regular process to check them when you have time or at prescribed intervals. But when someone leaves an urgent message do you have a special process to alert you and respond?

Our voice mail service will send your messages to your email as WAV, WMA or MP3 audio attachments. We can setup the system to allow callers to tag the message as urgent. Urgent Message Tagged High PriorityThen you still receive the message as an audio attachment but the email is sent high priority. This will flag the message in your email with an exclamation point and trigger any further process you have in your email.

For some clients that may be enough but you may have callers that need a response more quickly. With an All Call Technologies voice mailbox there are options to treat urgent messages differently for notification of the client. The two most popular options are:

  • SMS Text notification - The system will send a text to a cell phone but an urgent message will have "911" in the text
  • Voice Delivery - The system will call any phone. When you answer you'll hear "There is an urgent message for (your name), please enter your password to hear the message."

Your voice mail can have up to 12 different notifications for all messages or just urgent messages. So for a property manager your cascade may be:

  • First send maintenance person SMS text to call in and listen to message
  • Five minutes later the system will call maintenance person and say "There is an urgent message for ABC Property Management, enter your password to hear the message."
  • If there is no response from the maintenance person the system will call maintenance supervisor to hear the message.
  • Lastly there may be a SMS text to the property manager and/or a call to reach someone to respond to the urgent message.

For a physician the cascade for an urgent message may be:

  • First a SMS text to the physician's cell phone
  • Five minutes later send a message to the physician's pager.
  • Then the system will call the physician's call cell phone and say There is an urgent message for Dr. Smith enter your password to hear the message."
  • If there is no response then call home phone with the same message.

The possibilities are endless. The customization of a notification system can be the best feature and give you the most benefit of a voice mail system.


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