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Voice Form Insures Callers Answer All Of Your Questions

Our newest service is Voice Form. Record multiple responses from your callers in one voice message.

We are pleased to announce our newest voice messaging solution, Voice Form. This service will combine several responses your caller records into one voice message.

If you have a voice mail that asks callers to leave information but sometimes they don't tell you what you need then a Voice Form may be the solution. Callers will hear an introduction message then the first question. They record that answer then press 0, Then they hear the next question and answer it and press 0. They answer each question individually before going to the next one. When they are finished the system will combine the responses into one voice message and deliver it to you as a single file. Then the single message can be sent as WAV, WMA or MP3 audio attachment to your office.

This is perfect for:

  • Prospective employee screening
  • Prescription refills
  • Customer support
  • Student absences

We have a demonstration Voice Form setup of a prospective employee screen. Call 208-685-2814 and try it out. Then give us a call at 208-685-2900 and start your Voice Form.


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