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Adding a HIPAA Compliant Phone ServiceDoctor 240x174

Complying with HIPAA requires certain procedures in the office but the system still needs to be useful for the staff and the callers.

Interested in a phone service that not only complies with HIPAA regulations, but also provides a quality service tailored to your office and staffs preference? All Call Technologies, offers a custom automated, HIPAA compliant phone service that will have your business standing out well above the competition. Our unique service system allows for your customers to reach you on your cell phone, while keeping your cell phone number private from customers, simply by forwarding calls when it is necessary. This insures you will miss fewer calls from important clients while having the freedom of being able to take your office calls on the go.

Medical office HIPAA compiant voice messagingAlthough the automated system is a HIPAA compliant phone service, it is also an automated personal assistant in a way that the system is designed to give the customer key information on your business. This allows the caller a positive experience and the understanding of just what service your company provides, as well as what they can expect from you as the provider. The Auto Attendant service saves your office man hours, by allowing callers to place pharmacy refill request to your office, routing billing inquiries to your accountants line, freeing up your business line to be used to handle appointments, as well as by giving directions to your establishment, to callers seeking that option and information.

A HIPAA compliant auto attendant phone service is programmed to only take calls when your staff becomes too busy to answer your company’s phone, giving you the peace of mind of knowing your callers are being taken care of in a timely and professional fashion. This will allow you focus and give the proper care and attention to your patients currently at your office. On top of this, the auto attendant phone service easily integrates with your current phone service provider and equipment and provides a multiple office virtual phone system combining and coordinating your messages as you switch between practices or other offices. An Auto Attendant keeps your callers medical information safe and secure, while relaying important messages and information to you in a speedily and timely manner.

Your callers have the benefit of being able to leave you a message immediately while having the convenience of speaking to a courteous, professional attendant, ensuring that all your business messages are relayed to the proper channels. More importantly, it allows your office to shine and excel in providing your callers with the best professional HIPAA compliant automated phone service experience on the market today.

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