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Hang Up & Redial vs. One Digit DialingOne digit to reach the person they called for

Think of how often you call a business and listen to their voice mail greeting only to find out you need to hang up and redial a different number to reach the person or department you wanted to talk to.

It’s pretty frustrating! That frustration is compounded if the greeting lists a different number for each person or department on the menu.

We are a very mobile business society. More often than not, people are on their cell phones as they are walk down the street, ride the subway, and drive their car. Multi-tasking has become a way of life for all of us. And the chances of having a scratch pad and pen handy to jot down extension phone numbers is extremely low.

The solution is an easy one. Using a Virtual Receptionist that enables a caller to reach their intended party by pressing one digit does two important things. (1) Makes the caller happy. (2) Keeps phone numbers private. We find this feature is very popular with our insurance, medical industry and property management clients, but can be useful in any business. It allows people to be reachable, but controls the access to their personal phone number.

One digit dialing is not limited to trying to reach people. It can be used to offer information on various topics of interest (Address and directions, data related to a real estate listing, special limited time offers or promotions, complementary service providers, billing, roadside assistance etc.)

Callers deal with the hang up and re-dial phenomenon all day, every day, everywhere in our country. Yet business owners are always looking for ways to improve their business, ensure their clients/prospects have a pleasant interaction with their company, streamline processes and increase their bottom line. A Virtual Receptionist solves this issue for the business and their callers.

If your outgoing greeting currently offers a list of alternative phone numbers or you interact with businesses that do, now you know there is a simple solution to it. If you’d like more information on a Virtual Receptionist and how it can work in your office, just click Virtual Receptionist!

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