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Cloud Phone Services for the Mental Health Professional

Give your clients options to reach you, leave a message or get information.

Keep your personal cell phone number private while using it for your business. Make and receive calls without exposing your personal cell phone number to clients. Messages can be emailed as encrypted audio files to listen to on your computer, tablet or phone.

Starting at $40 per month*


It all starts with your business phone number.

If you have a business phone number already we can port that number to our service. If you need a new phone number we can get you a new local business phone number almost anywhere in the US. Or if you have a land line that you use we can setup our service to work with your existing office line.

The Virtual Receptionist.

The Virtual Receptionist is the main "control" piece for your cloud system. This has the main menus/greetings and the options to reach you and your staff/colleagues.

Menus/Greetings your clients will hear when they call.

The scripts for the greetings are the key to the system, we have to program the system to do what the greetings are telling callers. We get information from you about you and your business then write the scripts for the greetings. You'll edit them as you like and send them back. We record the greetings and program the system for you.

We typically write the main menu/greetings for days, after hours and holidays then program the system to play them automatically. Other greetings for appointments, new clients, address & directions can be added.

Of course we add the legal phrase where appropriate "If this is an actual emergency hang up and dial 911..." and/or your local crisis line number.

Solo practitioners or groups.

Our system works for solo practitioners as well as groups of clinicians. For the individual clinician our Virtual Receptionist will usually be all you'll need.

For groups you start with the Virtual Receptionist then add modules for each clinician to expand the system to the size you need.

Expand the cloud system for groups with modules.

To expand the system for groups we add modules. Modules have the features each person needs to personalize their part of the cloud system. They have:

  • Voice mail
  • Personalized outgoing greetings we record initially but you call in and personalize your outgoing greeting
  • Call routing to cell phone or home phone
  • Call Announce/Call Whisper
  • HIPAA Compliant Voice Mail to Email
  • Call return/dial through showing your business number on the outbound call
  • Scheduling for call management and voice messaging

What's it sound like?

We have an operating system setup for you to call right now and find out. Dial 208-321-5530 to hear an actual system. Call at different times of the day to hear the greetings and functions change.


Confidential voice messaging

HIPAA Compliant Voice Mail to Email

Voice messages are delivered to your email as WAV, WMA or MP3 audio attachments. To comply with HIPAA regulations the file is encrypted and password protected to ensure privacy during transmission. To hear your voice message click on the attachment, enter the password and click the file. A Business Associate Agreement will be supplied.

Call Announce/Call Whisper

Call Announce/Call Whisper is our most popular feature, it alerts you to a business call before being connected and will give you the option to be connected or let the caller go to voice mail. The caller listens to music as the system dials your phone. When you answer you hear "There is a call for (Your Name), press one to be connected or press two to send the caller to voice mail." If you can take the call press one and start talking. If you are not able to take the call press two or hang up and the system will ask the caller to leave a message. A major benefit to the Call Announce/Call Whisper is that your caller will not hear your personal cell phone voice mail or leave a message there! Your caller only hears your professional business outgoing greeting.

* Activation:

Activation fee starts at $55 and will be included on first invoice. Port existing number $25 one time fee.

What's Your Profession?

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