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Real Estate Virtual Receptionist

Gives caller options to reach buyers agent, sellers agent
and other staff from a central number.

Starting at $40 per month*

Your real estate business will sound professional and be more efficient.

Clients and prospects can reach you and your staff easliy!

Your Real Estate Virtual Receptionist will answer your calls with a professional greeting and give your callers options to reach you and all of your staff. Your custom menus can have staff names or departments (Buyers agent, sellers agent, etc.). Floor and on call agents can be changed manually or add modules to create an automatic rotation.

  • No need to manually forward and un-forward phones
  • Professional greetings for day, after hours and holidays
  • Hear actual voice message on your computer

Dial Through

Make calls or return messages from your voice mailbox. Call into your voice mailbox from any phone to make calls back to tenants. Your business number will be shown as the caller ID when dialing through our system.

Add modules to:

  • Add staff or partners
  • Separate buyers and sellers messages for agents
  • Track call activity to agents
The $40 Virtual Receptionist has a $55 setup/activation fee that will be applied to the first invoice. Additional modules are $10 per month each and $10 setup.

What's Your Profession?

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