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Phone Systems

Articles about phone systems, both client side equipment and virtual PBX or hosted PBX services. Although All Call Technologies does not sell equipment we do integrate our service with existing phone equipment that a client may have. This catagory will also have articles about phone companies and how All Call Technologies works with them.

Have you had problems making a selection in a phone menu or Phone Tree? Or perhaps entering a password when you call into your voice mailbox? It could be that some portion of your call is going through a VoIP circuit and it is not passing the tones from your phone cleanly.

I was given a referral to a church today that has a newer phone system. Their main complaint was that it was too complex and that a technician had to come to the office every time they wanted to make any changes. Like most organizations, they do not have the time...


You don’t need to be operating in the legal or health care industry to invest in a phone Answering Service for your business. It’s a great way to put a professional face on your business and let incoming callers know that you’re legitimate.

Voice Messaging

Voice Mail services, integration with existing phone systems, features and ideas for the small business.

I could not find any info on the problem so I submitted a trouble ticket. After a few hours I received a reply, they had submitted my issue to the customer forum for a solution. I thought this was a little weird but what ever.

When your caller leaves a message, they may have the option to tag it as urgent. How do you want to be notified that you have an urgent message?

Since the introduction of our Dial Through feature clients have been eager to add it to their Virtual Receptionist.

Business Ideas

This catagory of articles are for business owners to get ideas on use of virtual phone services.

It was urgent that I get the water turned off, my furniture was about to be soaked. After a few minutes I had to start moving my belongings but my bed and dresser could not be moved.

Can you believe it's already the middle of December? This year has flown by. It's time to get your holiday greetings programmed in your Voice Mail or Virtual Receptionist.

Forwarding calls from your office to a live Answering Service should include a menu between your office and the live service.

Call Routing

Getting a call to the person the caller wants is the primary objective of All Call Technologies. Routing calls is what we do. Here are articles about how it is done.

Think of how often you call a business and listen to their Voice Mail greeting only to find out you need to hang up and redial a different phone number to reach the person or department you wanted to talk to. It’s pretty frustrating! That frustration is compounded if the greeting lists a different number for each person or department on the menu.

There are many professions that need to have an option for callers to reach someone when they have an urgent situation. The problem these businesses have is how to do it!

Making an upgrade to a phone system in a small office can be frustrating trying to get the features you need without spending a fortune...on new phone lines!

All Call Technologies

Articles about All Call Technologies services, features and business announcements.

It’s hard to believe we’ve been in business for 10 years! It doesn’t seem that long ago that Rebecca and I made that “leap of faith” decision to start a small company.

Announcing our new Mobile Friendly web portal for Client access to their systems.

Now available with most of our virtual phone numbers is SMS Texting. Now you can have a live chat with clients and prospects using your voice phone number just like your cell phone. Engage your customer in a new way with more flexability than traditional cell phone texting.