Custom Voice Services for Any Profession

Office communication solutions that ensure
your callers get the information they need and
options they want, anytime of day.


Medical Office

Your patients will have the options they need when they call your office and you can't take the call. Urgent calls can be routed to your on call doctor without having your patient redial. Separate appointment, billing and physician voice mail messages.

Medical Office Virtual Receptionist Details

Apartment Complex

Separate leasing and maintenance voice messages. Leasing voice mails are emailed to the leasing staff. Maintenance receives notification via pager, cell phone or the system can call any phone to deliver the message. Prospective tenants hear about your community amenities, directions or office information.

Apartment Complex Virtual Receptionist Details

Insurance Office

When your clients call they may need help from your claims service, auto club or towing, this system allows them to get directly to the person they need without hanging up and redialing. Voice messages are delivered to your staff via email and SMS cell phone notification sent if urgent.

Insurance Office Virtual Receptionist Details

Property Management

Separate voice messages for staff by location or type of property (SF homes, Condos, Mobile Homes), showings and maintenance. Streamline your office and cell phone messaging to improve efficiency.

Property Management Virtual Receptionist Details


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Here Are Some Frequently Asked Quesitons

Urgent Calls

The solution for your urgent after hours calls.

  • Callers don't have to hang up and redial
  • Clients won't get your personal phone numbers
  • Non urgent calls go to voice mail and don't get forwarded

Call Announce

Our most popular feature! Alerts you to a business call before you are connected.
Call Announce Details


"Awesome system! I would recommend their services to anyone! Great way to contact anyone in your office without all the expense of an on-site phone system."
Ron Minegar
Ron Minegar Real Estate